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Reiki healing

What is reiki?

Reiki (pronounced ‘ray-kee’) is a Japanese technique for reducing stress and increasing relaxation. It also promotes healing. Reiki is given by placing hands on or over the body.

The word reiki is made of two Japanese words – ‘rei’, which means ‘God's wisdom’ or ‘the higher power’, and ‘ki’, which is ‘life force energy’. Reiki can be translated as ‘spiritually guided life force energy’.

Reiki principles

The five reiki principles guide practitioners in healing and positivity. The five principles are:

1. Just for today, I will not be angry.
2. Just for today, I will not worry.
3. Just for today, I will be grateful.
4. Just for today, I will do my work honestly.

5. Just for today, I will be kind to every living thing.

As a trained reiki healer (I have completed reiki levels 1 and 2), I can treat your whole body.

Pranic Healing Applications

Rebalances and reharmonises the body's energy fields.

Book a reiki session

To book a reiki session, please contact me:

Landline: (+64) 04-939-0220
Mobile: +64 (0)27 279 7983

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